Angels In Mourning, a mystery suspense novel by David Wind
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Angels In Mourning

Angels In Morning, takes private detective Gabriel Storm from the theatres of Broadway, through the alleys of Hell’s Kitchen to Miami’s ‘Little Cuba’ and onward to the U.S. Senate in his drive to find the killer of his close childhood friend, Scotty Granger, considered to be the best playwright of the modern generation.

Early one morning, Gabe is summoned to his friend’s apartment by the NYPD, and told Scotty Granger has been murdered in a botched burglary attempt: the murder occurs as his newest play is in rehearsal. Unwilling to believe this theory, Gabe starts his own investigation which centers on the "angels" who have invested in the show and an unknown woman whom Scotty has been seeing.

Working with his friend Captain Christopher Bolt, head of the Mayor’s Special Crimes Task Force, Storm follows a warped path of suspects from Scotty Granger’s Angels – the show’s investors – to pimps and prostitutes before descending into the octopial sub-culture of sexual predators with tentacles reaching all the way to Washington’s law makers. We discover that Scotty Granger’s sister Elizabeth, a victim of a predator, was abducted at the age of eight and has never been seen since: When Scotty became successful, he founded an organization to help children who were abducted by pedophiles or lured from their homes by predators.

The action moves quickly as Storm pursues the illusive killer by using a network of people who are part of the killer's world. Working both alone and with the FBI, Homeland Security, a mafia connection and the NYPD, Storm follows twisted trails and the unlikely suspects who populate the story from Wall Street financiers to pimps and gangsters and a U.S. senator, on the road to unexpected, suspenseful and surprising conclusion.

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