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Ripples in a pond. When you throw a stone into the calm waters of a pound, ripples generate outward, moving until there is no more water.

Ripples in a pond is how I developed Angels In Mourning. While there are two basic premises to the story: The abduction of an eight year old girl, and the question of who murdered playwright Scotty Granger, the story is really about speculation.

What are the long term ramifications of a single deed carried out over a quarter of a century earlier? What happens to ALL the victims of child abduction by a pedophile? What happens to the other victims of this horrendous crime? The parents, the siblings….

When world famous playwright Scotty Granger is murdered in his apartment –an apparent burglary gone bad – protagonist Gabe Storm must work through all the possibilities of why his friend was murdered, and by whom.

The ANGELS in the title refer to two distinct groups of people: The financial “Angels” of Granger’s newest play; and, the lost children, the little “angels” who have been abducted by pedophiles and predators.

The questions are hard, and the answers even harder. Could Granger’s death be connected to the kidnapping of his 8 year old sister, 28 years before?  Storm knows that Scotty Granger had never given up the hope of finding his sister, and had even funded an organization devoted to finding missing children.

Had Scotty Granger found the pedophile who had abducted his sister?

Or was it one of the show’s Angels, who’s considerable investment in the show dictated desperate means to insure the show would be a success? Did one of them murder the Playwright to protect an investment when trouble with the show’s script developed?

These are the questions that drove the story forward, and the answers to those questions became the book, ‘Angels In Mourning’.

The development of Gabriel Storm: To develop a character, who, by his own description, was “a hard boiled private eye”, was a tricky one. While I wanted a hero reminiscent of the old 50’s and 60’s detectives written by the likes of Daschiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Mickey Spillane (Mickey Spillane books), and Richard Prather, (Shell Scott books), I also needed to make him a modern man, one who is empathetic to the troubles of others, and grounded in all of the aspects that make up the reality of the modern world. To do this, I needed someone who was a victim, and who had been able to rise above that, to become a hero.

With those thoughts in mind, I created a background for Gabriel Storm that encompassed much of the modern world. Storm was the son of well-to-do parents, a graduate of a theatre conservatory, with the goal of becoming a Broadway Director.

He did what he wanted, and by the age of 25, was considered one of the best up and coming talents on Broadway. He was engaged to an actress, a woman who had taken over a leading role, and was being considered as the director of a new play – one of the youngest directors on Broadway – when his fiancé was murdered.

Tried and convicted of her murder on circumstantial evidence, Storm was sent to Sing Sing. During that time, he learned the true meanings of the dark depths a man can fall into. After two and a half years, his closest friends, Chris Bolt and Scotty Granger were able to discover the real killer and Storm was freed.

Storm tried to go back to his old life on Broadway, but found that impossible. Instead, he joined the Army Rangers, and became trained in all forms of combat. When he left the army, after serving in Afghanistan and other areas of the middle east, he returned to New York and became what he’d spent two years reading about in Sing Sing…. A private Eye.


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