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The character of Gabriel Storm is a complex mix of the contemporary and the noir man.  What makes Gabe Strom effective as a Private Detective is his unusual and unique background. He grew up in New York, with Scotty Granger and Chris Bolt: The three were closer than most brothers. Scotty became a playwright, Chris a policeman and Gabe a Broadway director.

Twelve years before the start of the story, Gabriel was in line for a new play as one of the youngest directors in Broadway history when his career was ended by his arrest and conviction for the murder of his fiancé.

Unable to prove his innocence in the face of strong circumstantial evidence, Gabe Storm was tried, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment at the State Penitentiary in Ossining, New York - Sing Sing!

It took his friends Scotty Granger and Chris Bolt two and a half years to prove his innocence and free him from Sing-Sing. Released, Gabriel tried to return to his former life, but the ghosts of his dead fiancé would not allow it. To recreate his life, Gabe enlisted in the army and became a ranger, serving and learning in the Middle East. On his return to New York, he became a private detective who took on only special cases: Cases of people whom he believes unjustly charged with crimes they did not commit, or those who are the victims of crimes that the police were unable to help.

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