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Editorial Review:

Angels in Mourning
by David Wind
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by: Kelly Davis

I'd never had the pleasure of reading any of David Wind's 33 previous novels, but when I finished his latest novel, Angels in Mourning, I made a vow to go back and read the rest of this very talented writer's work. Angels' immensely likeable private investigator protagonist Gabriel Storm (if you think that's a great name, wait until you read his assistant's moniker!) had been falsely imprisoned for many years for the murder of his beloved fiancée, stage actress Elaine Hall. While Storm lingers in prison, only two people believe in his innocence, playwright Scotty Granger and police captain Christopher Bolt. Through much steadfast determination, Bolt and Granger eventually win Storm's acquittal. So when Granger is found viciously murdered in what was clearly a crime of passion, Storm is on a mission to find and bring his murderer to justice. Of course, the more Storm investigates Granger's network, the more he realizes that many people could have wanted him dead. Was it one of the greedy hangers-on who have invested in Granger's new play? Was it a jilted ex? Was it a slimy human-trafficker, or worse yet a pedophilic politician? Who can Granger trust? The Homeland Security agent who may or may not be on the up and up? His own new girlfriend who seems to show up every time someone tries to kill him? I thought I had the case solved by midway through the book, but in reality I'd taken Wind's subtle bait and was way off track.
I will admit I'm a bit of a literature snob, but Wind's narrative not only left my intelligence intact, he did a magnificent job of drawing me into Storm's pleasantly-seedy New York. For instance:

The Westside diner was slow...a throwback from the forties. You know the type, all chrome and vinyl with a checkerboard black and white floor. Old and faded pictures of New York lined the walls. It was a cholesterol heaven of pies, muffins, and greasy donuts heaped in scratched plastic covered trays on the counter. Five big chrome coffee urns, like missile silos, were lined against one wall. A rectangular cut-out separated the dining room from the kitchen. Every sound made in the kitchen reached the eating area.

It takes a lot for a work of fiction to impress me but Angels did just that. David Wind has much respect for his readers and it shows.

Author Quote:

A complex and highly intelligent detective story, David Wind’s latest novel demands your attention and pays off big time. Tightly written and intricately plotted, ANGELS IN MOURNING will leave you wanting more—and there’s plenty to choose from among Wind’s thirty-three previous works. Finding such a talented, prolific writer is a mixed blessing: So much to catch up on, and so little time!”
      Ken Isaacson Author of the #4 best seller, SILENT COUNSEL.     Visit Ken Isaacson's website

Author Quote:

   “Angels in Mourning is a complex and fascinating story with a real surprise at the end.”
   —Roberta Gellis, best selling author of the Magdalene La Bârtarde Mysteries.

Some Reader Reviews from

  superb!!!!!!!!, September 27, 2008
By MF (New York)
An exciting thriller from cover to cover. This book would make a great movie

Nice read, lively and exciting, September 27, 2008
By "Russ101" (Ramsey, NJ)
This is my first review, so bear with me: I like action and suspense and in Angels In Mourning, I found plenty of both. I also found it disturbing to think that an "Angel" - an investor in a play - would murder the playwright to insure the Angels investment, and even more disturbing was to think about a child abduction that happened 25 years before the time of this story might be a the reason for the murder of world famous playwright Scott Granger. But then, again, those are only two of several possible reasons why the playwright was murdered.

The story line takes the book's hero, detective Gabe Storm, through a lot of possibilities to finally find the killer. The ending surprised me, because I thought I'd nailed it. But I was wrong. Well, I was right, then wrong a few times.

I found the characters to be strong and interesting and that book flowed nicely and caught me up to the point where I lost sleep to get it finished.

To sum it up. Angels In Mourning was a fast paced and fluid read that satisfied me throughout

  Angels in Mourning, September 27, 2008
By Avid Reader (New York, NY)

In this interesting and well paced mystery, with not a few twists and turns, we meet private investigator Gabriel Storm who learns, at the onset of the story, his best friend, Scotty Granger, has been viciously murdered. While the police mark the death of this famous playwright up to a bungled burglary, Storm doesn't believe it at all and is driven to find his friend's killer.

There is a mix of both unusual and unique characters and stereotypical characters and the book has a nice noir touch to it, which was a pleasant surprise when mixed with the excellently constructed and contemporary storyline.

I intent to recommend this book to all my friends, and anyone else who likes both a good mystery and the excitement of a thriller and I do hope that David Wind will turn this enjoyable novel, and it's appealing protagonist, Gabriel Storm, into a series novels.

  Great Read!, September 18, 2008
By DMF "book fanatic" (New York)

What a great read! I've read several of the author's books, but at first I wasn't sure about this book. I haven't read a classic style mystery/suspense like this in a while, but after a few pages I got caught in the story and could hardly put the book down. The writing is strong, like all his characterizations, the characters are charismatic, original and believable and the plotting was excellent. While I thought I'd figured everything out - a few times - the ending caught me off guard. I recommend this to anyone who reads suspense, mysteries and thrillers because it's a winner!

  Wow!!!, October 3, 2008
By wizard

I've read all of David Wind's mainstream fiction books and this one is, by far, the best thing he has ever written. I can only wonder why the traditional publishing industry hasn't jumped all over it. Maybe they're too busy churning out the same pap day after day to take the time to look at real talent

Some reviews from David's previous novels


ALA Booklist (American Library Association)1/1/88
"...This excellent thriller is enhanced by by the careful detail with which police investigatory procedures are described, by the presence of a sharp protagonist in Hyte, and by more than a few clever plot twists...." WL

"...Half Thriller, Have whodunit, not half bad... Nicely handled stereotypes, from people to places to emotions.... Biggest asset is Hyte, who wears well enough to become a series hero."


Reader Reviews from Amazon.Com
Reviewer: "mary_benlota"
I got this book as a present, and with it's scary cover, I thought I wouldn't like it. But as it turned out, it became one of my favorite books. It has a lot of elements combined--science fiction, romance, paranormal... and definitely makes an interesting read! I love the plot, the abilities of the characters, and of course, the ending. I highly recommend it!

Reviewer: A reader
I read this book thinking that it would be some kind of science fiction book that was like every other book out, but it's not. It has a lot more. It has romance, war, and a little bit of immorality. It's a great book to read. I read it in 3 hours just because I couldn't put it down. I recommend this book for teenagers or older for they will get the terminology that is used.


... Wind mostly confirms prejudices about venal, avaricious lawyers and real estate agents, but does so in a well oiled melodrama that should make good beach reading.

"...CO-OP will keep you on the edge of your chair until the explosive finish which has everyone running for their lives" Maria C. Ferrer



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