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The author of 33 Novels, David began writing in 1979 and has published tnovels of suspense, adventure, science fiction, historical fiction and romance.

David's thrillers are The Hyte Maneuver, (a Literary guild alternate selection), As Peace Lay Dying, and Conspiracy of Mirrors which were originally written under the pen name David Milton. For the mystery/suspense novels, And Down will Come Baby, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and Shadows, David borrowed his wife's maiden name, Bonnie Faber These were chick-lit type mysteries before the term chick-lit came into style.

Co-Op, written  under his own name, is a main stream novel about the lives of people inhabiting a New York City cooperative apartment building.

Queen of Knights, a medieval fantasy, and The Others were his entry into fantasy and science fiction.

In 1988, David was honored by science fiction writer and Hugo Award Grand Master Andre Norton, who, after reading Queen of Knights, asked David to write a short story for inclusion in her 'Andre Norton's Witch World 2 Anthology Series'.

David also wrote the novelization of the ABC 7 day miniseries, The Last Days Of Pompeii.

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